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No Bank Junk Fees
Points, origination fees, underwriting charges etc.
Easy and Quick Approval Processe
Quick and easy approval process of a few days, compared to 30-60 days from banks.
No Hidden Fees
No last minute price changes like the banks pull after giving you the run arounds.
Lower Closing Costs + Fast Closing
Less paperwork, less hassles

No Junk Loans
No ARMS adjustable loans, no ballons loans, no interest only loans. NO JUNK LOANS
We Pay For You Move - FREE MOVE
YES, we will pay for your move!
"Our Mission is to help good renters in Dallas Fort Worth and help them become HOMEOWNERS in DFW Metroplex"

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Easy Qualification - No Bank Needed! Bad Credit Ok!

Discover Owner Financing Hidden Secrets - Things your bankers & realtors do not want you to know!
  • Learn - How to buy a house in DFW without dealing with a bank
  • Learn - The Shocking Truth about "Rent-To-Own" in Dallas Fort Worth
  • Learn - Insider Secrets on How Owner Financing Really Works in DFW
  • Learn - 10 Things You Must Know to Protect Yourself When buying an Owner Financed House in Texas
  • Learn - The Real Truth about Renting & Why it May Be Setting You Back in the rat-race

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