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  • We Pay Top Dollars!
  • We are a "Buy-&-Hold' investor firm. Most of our competitors are "Fix-&-Flip" investors or "Wholeseller" investors, which means they must buy at a "Deep Discount".
  • We Buy Houses "As-Is".
  • We pay for all repairs and work the house needs. Save you money.
  • Fast Closing
  • Any Price, Any Condition, Any Situation!
  • No Fees or Commissions
  • Free Move - We Pay For Your Move!
  • We understand your sitation, and want to help. We will pay for your move!
    "We understand your situation and what you're going through, we know we can Solve your problem and create a "Win-Win" solution, so you will reffer us to your friends and family"

    Why Sell Your, NO EQUITY House to - Mr Investor?

    No Equity? No Problem -

    The "low equity, no equity" situation is common in Dallas Fort Worth Homes.


    Our new buying program allows you to sell your "unsellable" home today!

    No Equity House in DFW?
    No Problem...We Buy No Equity Houses Fast!
    Let Us Give You a Cash Offer. Learn "How The Cash Offer Works", Free Pre-Recored Message, call 1-877-996-7468

    Mike D. Local Real Estate Investor ,Mister Investor, LLC -

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